Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sign up NOW!! Veggie bags are starting Sat., July 7!

We will begin harvesting and supplying bags of fresh veggies to supporters of the Farm, starting Sat., July 7. Sign up now to receive your bag of veggies!!

Here are the suggested donations:

Small - $60/month (which is $15/week for a 1-2 person household)
Medium - $80/month (which is $20/week for a 3-4 person household)
Large - $120/month (which is $30/week for a 5-7 person household)

Deliveries - For a $20/month charge, you can have the bag of veggies delivered to your door each week. Otherwise, you can pick them up at the Horton house in Menlo Park.

We are going to do monthly donations instead of weekly donations this year to make things easier and to help streamline the process.

Reminder:  After covering modest farming expenses, all donations will be given to a local charity that supports education.