Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tip - Preserve Your Herbs

Don't let those fresh herbs go to waste!  If you're not able to use them in the week they are given, then either freeze them or dry them for future use.  I prefer to freeze mine because it preserves the flavor better.

To Freeze:

To freeze any and all fresh herbs, you don't need to blend and put in cubes, add water, or anything laborious--just rinse and let air dry.  Then, put them in a freezer baggie.  Voila!  Done.

If you don't pack too tightly, you can easily pull off the amount you need.  Your herbs won't be as pretty as when they are used fresh, but they will still taste delicious (even cilantro and basil!).

To Dry:

To dry them, you can either just hang them and let them air dry (if your air is dry enough), or you can dry them in a dehydrator below 116 degrees.

There you go.  Fresh herbs year round -- whenever you need them.  Delicious!

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